The JCZF series positive pressure filter (flat bed filter type) is composed of a sewage tank, a liquid tank, an upper cavity, a lower cavity, a filtering medium and a pump. First, the suction pump pumps the dirty liquid in the dirty liquid tank into the upper cavity, and the dirty liquid entering the upper cavity is quickly pumped through the filter layer into the lower cavity under the continuous pumping action of the system working pump, and then sucked to the net. Tank. The impurities in the cutting fluid are intercepted by the filter paper to form a filter cake. When the thickness of the filter cake reaches a certain thickness, which results in a significant decrease in the amount of filtration, coupled with the continuous flow of dirty liquid, the upper cavity forms a certain pressure than the lower cavity. When it reaches a preset value , The suction pump stops working, the liquid supply valve is closed, and the air inlet valve is opened,


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